El twerking se puso muy de moda, pero ¿y los animales? Ellos también quieren estar a la moda y no han dudado en hacer uso de sus habilidades para poner en práctica este nuevo estilo. Este corgi lo hace de una manera muy simpática.

Twerking al estilo perruno…

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  1. And let’s do the math. 12 bucks a head adds up to a pretty fair chunk of cghnae. I still can’t imagine the kind of parent or church youth group adult thinking that taking the kiddies to Hell House is anything like a good idea. Disgusting on every single level.One of the things that led me down the whole atheist path was the realization that Jesus is big business, that the sellers of godstuff are making a fortune and that if you believe the Bible, Jesus threw people out of the temple for making money off religion.Sorta makes you think, huh? Or at least it made ME think.

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