No solo las personas somos torpes, nos quedamos atascadas o ponemos alguna que otra cara graciosa. ¡Los animales también! Si tenéis mascotas lo sabréis. ¿Cuántas veces os habéis reído de ellas? Venga, sin mentir…

En este vídeo veremos a varios perros sufriendo sus propios «dramas». No se ponen colorados porque no pueden… Seguramente, muchas de las cosas que les ocurren a nosotros no nos harían tanta gracia o sufriríamos el momento «trágame tierra». ¿Te animas a verlos?

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  1. I must say the inortmafion had been really worth to share. I recently found this kind of blog post from your search and then ended up being quite stunned at your own rank well just for this post.

  2. Hi MCQ,You are right that every case needs to be handled on an individual basis. It is also true that bishops and stake presidents will sometimes make judgment calls that leave unintended risks and that the church system is no better than the weakest link at the local level and legal requirements may make the bishops or stake presidents reluctant to communicate with members about what is happening. One had better be active in working with your local leaders, or you could end up with a totally unsupervised pre-trial known rapist running around, like we did.

  3. , right, he’s had enough, calls in the guard for a pointless brutal bare-knuckle beating. Make of it what you will. I’m taken by Jeff’s notion of the “music hall fantasia of masculinity.” I’d love to hear more. But I myself got caught up in a film trying to capture that perfect estrangement of an aesthetic experience radically dissociated from our attempts to ground it in a real, and ethical, world. (Whereas Hunger is similarly challenging, but has I think a more focused concern for the relationship between the body, violence, politics, ethics, and aesthetics…. But I’m even less coherent about that film, right now, so it’ll have to wait.)

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